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Game ID

Find your next favorite video game

Summary: Game ID is a side-project that lets users make and share lists, rate, review and more. The app has been a playground to learn new skills and it will ship in early 2020.

You can try the alpha version here

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Game ID started from wanting a place to organize video games, rate, review and share them with friends. Though similar services exist, they are heavily focused on comprehensive data. Game ID however, focuses on curated information that helps people find their next favorite game.

Game ID is a project that I have worked on throughout the years to test new technology. I've rebuilt Game ID in PHP, ASP.NET, React+Firebase, and now React Native + Express.js.

Special thanks to Matt Cox who helped defined the brand years ago. The design has changed, but our logo and colors remain the same.

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First time building an API

In the past, I've shipped the logic on device using something like Firebase. This time I wanted to build an API so I could create a shared place for the business logic and use it across platforms.

The biggest hurdle was to add authentication. I looked at out-of-the-box services but found them all too complicated so I ended up going with Passport.js and relying on social authentication. This makes it simple and secure.

Tools used for API

  • Express.js for API
  • Sentry for error logging
  • Heroku for hosting
  • MongoDB Atlas for database
  • Mongoose for schema and validation
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Build once... Sorta

Over the last few years I've been learning React and React Native for prototyping reasons. I decided to build all components to be cross-platform so I could use the same code on web and native.

By using React Native Web, I was able to build responsive components to work on the web. All components were built and tested using Storybook.

Tools used

  • React Native and React Native Web for the front-end
  • Storybook to develop and test the UI
  • Web version is hosted on Netlify
  • Formik for forms
  • Sentry for error logging
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I'm working on finishing some more features on the web version, which I'll then move onto the mobile native app.

I'm aiming to launch on all platforms in early 2020.

Follow me on Twitter or visit for updates.

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