Airtasker projects

Helping people to get more done

At Airtasker my role had two main responsibilities:

Firstly, I was the main designer for the team responsible for the Customer side of the journey (see below for explanation).

Secondarily, I was tasked with improving designers process, tools, hiring, and general levelling up of the team. This meant partnering with the VP of Design to help identify team problems and opportunities then work with the designers to solve them.

At Airtasker I led the implementation of a rebrand, worked on the most revenue critical flow in the product, and redesigned the oldest but most used part of the app and website.

About Airtasker

Airtasker is a marketplace for get things done. We have Taskers, who are the people doing the work (e.g. gardening, cleaning) and Customers, who are the people wanting to get something done.

The general flow is that a Customer posts a task, Taskers make offers, Customers chose the best person available, and then together they get it done.

The unique thing about Airtasker is that it’s infinitely horizontal so instead of only allowing some categories, you can post anything. That includes anything from cleaning a house to finding a lost wedding ring in the sand.

Post Task Flow

I redesigned the main Customer journey which is the flow in which a user explains what they need done. The challenge here is that it can often feel overwhelming to describe a task. To increase conversions and ease the pain for users, we implemented smarts to detect what kind of task it was (e.g. cleaning) and transformed the flow to ask relevant questions.

There were also a handful of other things to solve for like:

The result was redesigning the revenue critical flow across all platforms which led to increase in posted task and better quality tasks even though the flow became longer. (Though it took a few experiments and failures before we learned enough to bring us towards success)

Other projects

I’ve also worked on a redesign of our Task Details, the main place for keeping up with their task. Think about it like the trip part when ordering an Uber.

I helped coordinate the full redo of our design system.

And many more I might write more about...